Vitality CBD – E-liquid Berry – 1200mg 30ml



Vitality CBD Broad Spectrum Berry E-Liquid 30ml bottles are made from premium CBD hemp extract which has been ethically sourced and rigorously tested to ensure that all traces of THC have been removed.
Each 30ml bottle has a 99% CBD content and 0% THC content, available with sweet and natural fruit flavourings or without flavourings.
Vitality only uses organic hemp seed oil to provide the highest quality CBD products, meaning you’ll still be able to taste distinct notes of hemp for a more naturally flavoured experience.
Berry Flavour Broad-Spectrum CBD e-liquid is a fantastic and comprehensive way to take CBD via e-cigarette. Ideal for use with Mouth-to-Lung devices, this e-liquid contains CBD as well as several other hemp-derived compounds, but with 0% THC. The sweet and rich berry flavour is perfect for those who want a more traditional e-liquid experience or don’t enjoy the natural taste of hemp.

Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract, Vegetable Glycerine (VG), and Propylene Glycol (PG), natural berry flavouring.