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Logic Pro Caps Menthol 12mg

For use with the Logic PRO E-Cigarette, the Logic PRO E-Cigarette Refill Capsules Menthol 12mg provide you with the classic menthol flavour you’ve been looking for. Each pack contains three e-liquid refill capsules with 1.5ml of e-liquid, designed to be spill-free for pop-and-go vaping.

Menthol Flavour Profile
Cool and refreshing, the Logic PRO Menthol E-liquid provides a minty menthol flavour that’s designed to satisfy. Perfect for any time of year, these e-liquid capsules provide a minty flavour blast that will leave you feeling cool and refreshed.

How Do Logic PRO Refill Capsules Work?
Logic PRO Refill Capsules are designed to make vaping as convenient as possible with a pop-and-go design. Each capsule has a built-in coil, so all you have to do is pop the capsule into the capsule case, and you’re ready to enjoy satisfying and consistent vapour!

How Do Logic PRO Capsules Taste?
Since the heating coil is built-in to each capsule, there’s no coil maintenance and you know your coil will never experience failure or burn-out. That means the burnt taste of other vapes is completely eliminated, providing consistent and flavourful vaping with each puff.

What’s in Logic PRO E-Liquid?
Logic PRO e-liquid is made with a perfectly balanced mix of 50% vegetable glycerin and 50% propylene glycol (you may have heard these referred to as ‘VG’ and ‘PG’ in other e-liquids. This helps to evenly distribute the flavour and nicotine throughout the the e-liquid while providing plenty of vapour, consistent flavour and a satisfying ‘throat hit’.

Are These Capsules Really Spill-Free?
Unlike other pre-filled e-liquid cartridges, Logic PRO capsules truly are spill-free. The vacuum sealed design of the capsules prevents spillages, saving you from waste and also preventing you from coming into direct contact with the e-liquid. With no mess and no hassle, these are some of the best capsules around.

How Do I Tell When I Need a New Capsule?
Logic PRO takes the guesswork out of vaping, as the device includes a convenient viewing window so you can see the level of your e-liquid. When the level gets low, simply pop in a new capsule and you’re ready to go!

How Much Nicotine is in Each Capsule?
This pack of Logic PRO refill cartridges provides you with three capsules that have 12mg of nicotine per millilitre of fluid. This is a considered a moderate level of nicotine, as other Logic PRO capsules can contain 6mg or 18mg per ml.

Where Are Logic PRO Capsules Made?
Logic PRO pre-filled e-liquid capsules are UK-made using pharmaceutical-grade nicotine and European-sourced ingredients and food-grade flavourings. All Logic products meet the high quality and safety standards required by European regulation.

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