Blended Tobacco 12mg – Vuse (formerly Vype)


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The Vuse (Vype) eTank Blended Tobacco E-Liquid is a 10ml bottle of e-liquid designed to provide a smooth and toasted tobacco flavour for a classic vaping experience.

Made in the UK, Vuse E-Liquids have been developed to work exclusively with the Vuse eTank, eTank Pro and eBox e-cigarettes, enabling Vuse (Vype) to ensure an incredibly high quality of vapour with every puff. Each batch is tested individually to ensure that they can deliver great flavour every time.

Flavour Profile of Blended Tobacco
The Blended Tobacco flavour has been developed to provide a taste of toasted and roasted tobacco for a smooth and classic vaping experience.

Vegetable Glycerin/Propylene Glycol Mix
This e-liquid features a medium level of Vegetable Glycerin (between 36% and 59%) and a low level of Propylene Glycol (between 1% and 35%).

Volumes of the Vuse (Vype) eTank Blended Tobacco E-Liquid
The Vuse (Vype) eTank Blended Tobacco E-Liquid is available in a 10ml bottle.

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