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Aspire Breeze Charging Dock 2000mAh


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Aspire Breeze Charging Dock

With extra on-board battery capacity of 2000mAh, this Aspire Breeze Charge Dock (not compatiable with Aspire Breeze 2 vape kit) is so much more than a fancy battery charger. As well as functioning as a portable charger for your Breeze AIO e cig, this stylish device also acts as a desktop charging cradle, or a clip-on backup battery. Effectively, this low-cost charging accessory boosts your Breeze’s battery capacity to 2650mAh!

The Aspire Breeze is a popular e cigarette device that’s only a little larger than a highlighter pen. Whilst Aspire’s Breeze vape pen delivers a superb mouth-to-lung vape, it can sometimes be frustrating if the built-in 650mAh battery runs out of power. This specially designed, Breeze charging dock is a cheap and convenient solution for your Breeze battery power problems.

On the back of the Charge Dock there’s a mini USB connector. Simply plug this into any nearby USB power source. While the Dock is plugged in, its internal high-capacity battery begins to charge. With sleek styling, the Charge Dock is ideal as a desktop charging cradle for your Breeze vape pen.

When you’re away from your home or office, you can use the Aspire Breeze Charge Dock as a portable charger. With its pass-through vaping capability, it’s also fine to use the Charge Dock as a discreet backup-battery while it’s connected to your Breeze device.

With a single LED indicating charging status, the Breeze Charge Dock is simple and convenient to use. Like all Aspire products, this Breeze charging cradle is manufactured to high quality standards. As with all battery charging products, we advise buyers not to leave a Breeze e cig and Charge Dock unattended while charging.

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